There was a point in time when I thought that the most important thing in a person was talent. However, today I realize that an individual must strive hard to mould himself/herself with infinite patience, to hone his talents and bring it out in the open through his hard work and resilience.

Irrespective of his personal views about his own work, he must be ruthless enough to doubt his own self and his work… to see if it is really worth it or does it need to be reworked or chucked away for that matter so that he can start afresh.

Be curious, have that insight to ponder about your work. Talent alone doesn’t work, but honing that skills to tap your talent, to give your idea a shape is what makes you stand out among the crowd. If you have that ability to understand yourself and your work, you are molded for bigger and better things.

Over the years, it has published a wide variety of literary gems written by other authors including a few by its founder Suniti Mund that has taken the Odia literature world by storm with books such as ‘Gigolo’ among others.
It also publishes their in-house magazines for its readers like Dikshya and Tanuja that covers a wide range of topics that are of interests to its readers.
It has also successfully executed cultural events like Dakshya Sandha consecutively for 3 years including flagging off the bhoomi puja for an old aged home for its sister concern, an NGO.

Dakshya Communication has been synonymous with quality A/V programmes for television and corporates. From renowned documentaries to television serials to ad films and corporate films, Dakshya Communication has done it with great élan and has got great reviews for it.

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Strongly believing in giving back to society for all the love that the society has bestowed on her, Suniti Mund started Dakshya Charitable Trust with the sole motive of improving education, health and the environment equally including an old aged home for those who have nowhere to go when they are well past their prime.
It also aspires to promote the Odia culture and literature through its various programmers.
Dakshya Charitable Trust has over the years selflessly worked towards following its own philosophy of doing well to others as you would want others to do to you.