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By Dr Suniti Mund


" A new feeling
And a new picture
Arrive each morning.
The morning made for me

Fills my emptiness
With love’s tremor.
My emptiness
Now journeys towards you.
I spend sleepless nights
Thinking of you

And look forward
To daybreak.

When you leave
Darkness fills the morning
And my heart
Is rent to pieces.
There is an indelible imprint
Of your face
On the moist ground of my memory.

The morning
Turns to day.
Both of us are victims
Of merciless time.
Our farewell cry
Is heard
By you and me alone.
Will be nowhere there.

I have lived through the spring,
Through months of rain.
I have lived under
A canopy of dark clouds. "


When you touched me
A primeval snake
Encircled my sinless past.

I donot understand
This wordless game of yours.
I cannot break
The spikes that read me.
It is hard to live
In a world
Where you are every were.

I cannot also build
A shelter For myself.
I am afraid
You, whom I had adorned
With tender feelings as my love.
Will be no where there.

I have lived through the spring,
Through months of rain…
I have lived under
A canopy of dark clouds.

Why did you come
And touched my life
Without sins, without Renovice ?
My inexperienced say
Cannot bear your promises
And so many new experiences.

All I remember
Is this you came
Like rain bearing cloud
And drowned my
Innocent loneliness
With unimagined downpour.


I was afraid
Of this morning.
I therefore spent only half of last night
Praying that the morning does not comes
And the other half
In sleepless terror.

But the morning didn’t hear
And arrived like
A restless, surging sea.
Some darkness remains
After the night ends.

Dreams end,
Before there are complete.
You, the morning I dreaded
And hoped for
Arrived thus.


These days
The morning holds me
In tight embrace
I have, those days
Equal love for every season.

Nights torture me
And cause an unbearable pain
Deep inside the heart.


These days
Every morning shivers with cold
Because, once upon a time,
The morning shiver
When you touched it.

I too would like to shiver
Why don’t you come
And touch me ?


When shall I cease seeking you ?
Perhaps, never,
For my seeking increases
With the passage of time.

I seek you because
I want to breakfree
From all that binds me to the life of mine.

I was a fool
To enquire about your address
And where abouts.
You are inside me all the time.


I can bear
The warmth, even the heat
Of your presence,
But your soft touch
Sends an electric current
All through my body.

My blouse becomes unbuttoned
And the pain below my navel

I am distracted
By your love,
Our minds reach
The vastness of the sea.

My body dances
With your fragrant touch,
Dancing, it reaches
Where the soul is fulfilled.


When I smear on my forehead
The ash of holy ritual fire
The world and all that the world contains
Appear meaningless.

But at such moments
Pitiless time arrives
And hammers my chest
You, for whom my going away
And coming back
Where equally irrelevant
Must be surprised that
I, live like a homeless bird,
Have returned to inhabit
Your abode.

Sometimes you love
Distracts me,
But it cant press the thresholds
Of obdurate reality
Farewell, I shall never come back
To you and your world


Why did you come
Without notice?
Why did you turn my whole life
Upside down?

I was living my unsoughtful life
I drank neither nectar nor poison
I filled my life
With whatever I collected
I was however unable
To discipline my wayward mind
It was like a pigeon in side a cage,
Was restless, kept flapping its wings

The holy ash shines on my forehead
But the terrors in my heart do not cease.
And then the morning arrives,
Ushered in by your tender, green hands


Long before you touched me
Quite a few had come and left.
They come in disguise
And with pseudonyms.
They jostled each other
On the road I used to take.

None of them wore a dress
That fascinated me,
And none had a name
That distracted me.
I took no notice of them.
All they did was to masquerade
Their imagined prowess
Before their hide- and –seek game
With time was now
I found your image
Deep inside my heart
And concentrated


The words I had lost
Have come back
And inhabiting the void
Begun swinging

The touch of your blue words
Shall not leave my body
As long as I live

It’s now green everywhere
Time no longer hurts me
And falling leaves
No longer terrify me with their murmurs


I was both scared and shy
When I first met you
Unable to make up my mind
Whether or not I should come near you
I was a new context
To look at you from a distance

I then discovered that
I was hiding,
That I was shy, I was afraid
I then found
Your footprints all around me.
My eyes
Were heavy with dreams

My dream is a fludging.
It hasn’t been learnt to fly
Will you promise me that
You’ll never ever
Catch it on its maiden flight
And bury it in a far away space?


When I’m sure of myself
The breeze that flows between us
Unravels secrets in another region
It’s then that me hands, my feet
And the blue ocean of my lips
Infatuated you.

In that world without fear
I lost myself in tought of
unending blue

the inevitable aridity of my life
is far away
I don’t know if i should seek you,
but a green distraction
fills all of my self
with dreams of you


They changed their tender hearts
to stone, and went on singing
to make all disqonquest bearable

They cursed the morning
and prayed to God
with folded hands
that mornings such as this morning never, never come


I have heard your name so many times from them.

All my floating feelings
came and rest on you
they withdrew themselves
from the war.
They moved towards you
Like selecting a word
from the dictionary.

In a hope to be within you
They live such a long.
So many times I heard your name
From them.
I place yourself in my eyes like dream
Searched you in my heart
and deep unto it.
That’s why I always search you
Inside me .
I have kept awake my past
To be a part of your world

Even though I have heard your name
So many times from their lips


You made me lonely
But am I really alone ?

I did not open loneliness before you
You became ready and left
To convert my dryness into fullfillness
I will be excited by the smell of the earth.

This current in your body
Looks so much green
Even after so many days
That enters like fire
And makes the bone broken into pieces.


Now a days you appear glittering
within and outside me
like the moon light reflected in the river.

Thinking of facing the bad time
Really so much of foolishness
Has touched through out my body.
Can the old age touch Till your name is written on me?

There were so many things
Stored for you
Which were left to tell you.
You shared all those
In the sound of silence.

Silence of my heart was uttering
Only one name
And succeed to hid himself within him.

Excited time was binding me
In the circle of yours.


Desires keep on moving around me
Tore my heart
Entangle themselves in the
Centre of open palm.
My body was feeling shy
After searching the life
Like the epicenter of a lotus.

Is it the wave of sea?
Breaking from that side
To this side, and
From front to rear , and
Sometimes from rear to front.

My body gets drenched in sweat
But becomes stable in an eternal existence
There is a cool soft breeze
Which keeps coming from the cloudless sky
And turns my body to body less
Making me body less.


When my desires left me
I think about your wisdom
And my hope of being with you
get stronger
And that time my body sweets
And I keep hearing
the cooing of the cuckoo

It was a play of false should
but there was hope for the truth
I don’t know how the morning came
Invited the darkness
Alas that is the moment
It touched the deepness of the heart
So much so that
I can not forget the morning any more.

My excitement became vaporous
and spread over my body.
Tell me How can I control it
How do I hide your touch
I can’t forget this morning any more

such a moment
I can’t abuse or invite
I sent for the morning
And the whole thing has spread
over my body
in this soft cool morning.


I was not aware
Whether Heart will float
While floating the tiny boat.
Dark or light , I will search you in doubt.

The blue boatman of that morning
Tell me where you will float now?
Searching you all the time
And now you tell me
which direction to take ?
I called so many people
but you heard me after
awaking from deep sleep
I offered you all my youth.
to the soft embrace of your body.

I draw paintings of flowers
in the fragrance in which I get lost
you appear within and without me
the flute of your voice
keeps ringing in my ears.

And shivering me in side.
When I wanted you
give a shape to my dreams
And the joy I derived.
Can’t be described
but I do not know
how long will it continue.

But I know this is not the end
And that is why I keep rowing in my catamaran
I need only you and only you as my partner.


Now a days you are in my dreams
all the time
after searching you in my dreams
throughout the night
I meet you in the hazy evening
darkness in early morning
I speak to you in shyness and with a smile
And then merge in you

My tingled nerves
Get excited and then
I wakeup and open my eyes
And wonder how all this joy came from
Though the dawn had not yet arrived.


Before I develop relationship with you
My friends despite my protest
kept talking about you
In their own way
And kept adding me with you .

Everyday they were asking me
about our relation
I was silent with my shyness
And thinking about you
with sweet kisses of your poetry.

Slowly you entre in my body
I don’t know how long will I live
But I know that this body of my life
and all our memories
Wills lowly vanish.


I know for sure
Know you come into my loneliness
And then close my eyes
And tickle my eras
And put your lips on me.

And the petals of my lips keep trembling.
intense feelings in the morning
I make words in my dream for you
My heart starts shaking, keeps
dreaming and then melts in a flash
searching you

now I know for sure that you come
in my loneliness
on the weaves of memories
in my dream .


see, while everyone is busy
gathering the night
I still adore the sweetness
Of the morning.
That is why the sun in each morning
Looks new and fresh
After everyone shares the night
The sun rises for me.
After playing the hide and seek
Throughout the night,
Is anything left for the morning?

Even after showing back to the past
The future never touches
That is why this moment
always comes to the mind.

Will this time return again?
To play game in the river of the day
To collect the colorful words
From the deep river.

While others enjoy the night
I enjoy the morning a lot.


as the morning progresses
the time of taking leave closes
sun comes over the head
along with criticism.
Night starts feeling drowsy
Spread all the hazy darkness.

From that haziness
I see your face through the next morning.
I know that morning will come along with you.
ButI never get restless
Though the night gets longer
And the time of Farwell comes closer


There happened nothing special
In that night
So I had no answer
While you questioned me
How was the last night?

What can I reply?
You have not touched
my sensitive parts
through out the night.

You are building the morning of your own
By the light of the moon.
Getting melted and getting thrilled
In the dream.
That is why
This type of questions comes around the mind
To build relation with you still becomes late.


You turned down the night Assuming that someone
else has occupied it.

You painted my morning In the rest of my life.
Showed me the eighth colour You wrote your name
In the transparent body of my mine
By silently touching me.

Tell me how I will collect
Such a vast night
Whom I can not tell mine
Night used to come for a long life
In the tears of cursed pigeons.

The fire of separation gets
Cool in the coming morning
Putting the night behind.


You were like a river of you are
like a river as simple as tears
Like a sky of deep peace
Why to bother
If I am not getting the
Paper boat of the past.

You have only encourage
Me to crossover.

Watch I am converting into paper boat
In the land beyond the horizon
on the clouds, wind and rains
Join each other in the space within me.

How can you become a flying bird?
In this vast emptiness
While moving towards you.


Don’t you see How I have collected you in my cozy lap

I draw on my forehead
Beautiful figure and decorate them.
And the power of kisses
Are getting placed
Left corner of the forehead.
By beautifying the eyes
And touching with warm palms.
Hiding the face in the open chest.
Do you know? To become a mother
You have to leave your beloved
Somewhere in the forest.

See how I am embrace you in my lap.
I sit silently
Before you’re your vast wisdom.
My feelings took new shape
By sitting in front of you.

And you watch when I have put you on my lap
then your emotion and feelings
Fill my mind completely


While dancing in the
Middle of the sea.
I draw your picture on the shore.
Sea spreads over my face and body.
The salty water tastes sweet
Due to your mere presence

When I collect the
praises of your dance
at the river bank of
soft sun rays
you are busy in dancing
before my innocent eyes.
Why I only watch you..?
Everybody criticized me
And pronounced me as mad.

They can shout as much as they like
I have no regrets at all.
I have managed to meet you
In the middle of the sea
After searching for so many births
And watching me danced in my imagination.

How can the feel this
soft thinking of mine
so, they criticized me
as calling me mad.

I appreciate
This type of criticism.

I know that you will
Come to save me
After I get hurt by this criticism.


Sometimes it happens
Without informing
You are waiting for me in different place
You become fresh
In that magical moment.?

I am drawing footprints
For the future
By gathering experience
From the past.

You may be there or not
But I will be searching for you

Memories of yours
Will be taking shelter
In the everactive mind of yours.
The hut built by me
Will be ruined in the earth.


Just one kiss
Managed to draw
The map of the life in the mind.

After that earth never offers shelter.
Nectar starts flowing from the heart
Kiss never care for any bindings
Heart beat of the difficult time.

That was stored in the
Depth of the eternity from so long
That nectar flows continuously.
The last call of love was left.

How suddenly everything got changed.
Only a call was left
May be in intention of you
Or in the intention of your life.
Arrange the derailed life of mine
Enlighten the darkness in your presence.


You know very well
that the night is the poison
of mountain for me
And you knowingly make fun
of me behind moon.

Am not at all jealous of the moon
Because I know for sure that
after the moon goes down
you will come to me as sun
you will enlighten The darkness
of my body and life
by light and fragrance of yours.

In the primitive darkness
My life has been limited
within a small boundary and
am sure breakdown
with touch of your life
And my hands and feet
Will be entangled in you .


Again night returns
To fire under the chilly plant
To graze in the summer
Can it get succeed?
Morning touches at that moment
while the deep darkness exits.
The facts flew like a bird
After swimming in the
Memories of pond
Through out the night.

By getting lost in the darkness of night
By getting hot in the tea cup of morning.

Is there any thingleft
After getting the life
Turning back to death
And after you become mine….


Still I search This type of morning.

Searching in the bank of evening At the boy taking the cows for grazing In the ray of sun In the incense of goddess In the voice of the flute… And Suddenly I discover you Among all these.

For that morning is so Precious for me.

Each morning you come By getting excited beneath the mind By getting devoted in self centered.

Knowing that The next hard sun rays or The deep dark ness Can not make you depart from me.

As you become mine In each morning And I become yours In every prayer.


My evening and morning
was passing painfully
As your voice did not
touch my ear.

The darkness of night was
making me restless,
and the morning was not
touching me either.
You make me understand
The meaning of life.
You named knowing names
To the inner part of my body
Whom I never recognized.

So today my heart beat getting fast
I am arranging so many dream
Although I know that you
Will never come in the
Narrow lane of my rest life.


Sun stays in the lap of sky
Blue spreads in my eyes
In the summer.

Your sweet voice is no more
Audioablebeaneth the foot
But the echo is going on inside
And out side of me.
So you will be minefor ever.

The words that have created
On your presence and absence.
I am attached with each word
And in your magical invitation.

There will be no one
To make me or you
to depart each other .
you and me
me and you.
Placing songs in the blue horizon
In the sacred voice.
Sun stays in the lap of the sky
Blue spreads in my eyes.


I know that
You will never come again,
Not to throw bunch of love
Not to get excited for the touch

But still I am waiting…
You may come again
In my favorite dress
Though there is no
planning of your arrival.
I am waiting for a like a bride
The soft voice of mine
Can not touch you.
Even I can not hear the
Sound of your foot steps
After such a long waiting.

I know you will not come,
I am sure you will not come.

But you return time and again
Pulling the sari from the back
Throwing bunch of words by your eyes
You again left by touching my lips by yours.

Then I feel complete within me
Till the water overflows
From the earth vessel…..