Weaving magic with words…

Dr Suniti Mund is a multi-faceted woman from Odisha who juggles multiple roles in her daily life with equal panache. From being a popular author in Odia literature with a penchant to weave magic with her beautiful words and pictures to being a Columnist, Editor, Publisher, TV Producer, Director to being a Social Activist, she handles each role with élan and confidence with a sole motive to excel and live up to the high expectations from her legions of fans spread across Odisha state as well as the country.

Hailing from Kalahandi district in Odisha which in itself has a rich glorious past, Suniti's father Mr. Narayan Mund and mother Mrs. Aruni Mund too proved her literary sense fromearly childhood when she started to display her natural sense of poetic feelings which she put down on paper as she grew up.

Her first poetry book, ‘PARDAPACHARA CHARYAPADA’ was released as early as 1996 when Suniti was just a nineteen year old teenager

With adulations coming her way after the release of her first compilation of poems followed by the love of her fans, Suniti was motivated to continue to weave magic with her words with another poetry collection named ‘SABDAKHELA’ that was released in the year 1998. Both these poetry collections were widely circulated and highly read by her multitude of fans that continue to grow with each publication thereafter.

Within a short span, Suniti’s writings started making a name for itself and soon words of Suniti’s creative writing spread though out Odisha state. It was just a matter of time before the Odia writers community started believing that a new literary genius has been born in the rose garden of Odia literature in the name of Suniti Mund.

After receiving tremendous commendationsfrom her readers for her poetry collections, Suniti soon tried her hand at writing short stories in the Odia language. Her first collection of short stories - BANTU O ANYANYA GALPA – translated in Odia from other language stories and was targeted at children.

This short story compilation was a real turning point in her writing career and thereafter, Suniti started writing her own original stories including novels, producing one gem after another like JETESABU SAKALA (epic poem), BEPATHU BEHAGA (poetry collection), ANUSTUPA (short stories), GIBRANNKA JEEBANA JINGYASHA (Part-1 & 2) (interpretation of Gibran’s works), DASTABIJ (book of poems), JHIA (epic poem), ABHISAPTA (novel), VALENTAINE (novel), AGARBATIRA GHARA (novel),GIGOLO (novel),CHITRA PRATIMA (novel),ARMY MAN (novel),NASTANEEDA (novel), ALAPA (Writers’ Interviews), RAJASTHAN EKA PARYALOCHANA (travelogue) and CORONA (Poetry) .

GIGOLO published by her own publication house Dakshya Books, was a bestselling novel in Odia literature based on male prostitution, a subject bold enough that received high acclaim.

Suniti's latest book is SARJANARA PARIBHASHA. With this book, Suniti showcases the fine art and technique of writing. How one can become a writer and how a writer’s creation can be published and released in the market for the public to access it. In real meaning this book of Dr Suniti is gift and useful book for Odia Literature.

Over the years, Suniti has been working tirelessly with dedication, fervor and zeal for the growth and popularity of odia Literature with herself contributing literary gems year after year.

Apart from pursing her passion for writing quality prose and poetry, Suniti has also been a part of the field of communication.

As a student, Suniti was brilliant in her studies both at the school and later at the college level. She has done her post graduation in Odia in the field of journalism and also bagged a gold medal for the same. She is also the editor of monthly published Odia novel magazine DIKSHYA and women’s magazine TANUJA.

Over the years, Suniti has been felicitated a number of times by various organisations as well as she had been invited as a Guest Speaker on a number of occasions that has been proved a learning curve for her audience.

Suniti heads her own company Dakshya Venture Pvt. Ltd. as a Managing Director. With her moral obligation towards the society and her love for social work, Suniti also heads Dakshya Charitable Trust situated in Bhubaneshwar as its Chairperson.

Suniti has started 'Institute of Literature' and through this she has undertaken many research oriented work in literature as well as in the field of creativity. She heads the organization. She is also a member of Odisha Sahitya Academy since 2021.