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Our sole purpose to venture into Events was to create our own signature events that celebrate Odisha culture and pride with aplomb including holding events that we truly believe in like holding the event of bhoomi puja for an old aged home. Last year Odisha girl Annie Prince Nag won the Miss Elegant India 2017 title and a little earlier, 12-year old Padmalaya Nanda represented India at the Little Miss Universe title.

Its time we encouraged our people to excel on the international arena both through their work and through their actions and for that purpose we branched out with our signature events.

Dakshya Sandhya

In this event, Dakshya Books will have a one-on-one interaction with one of their authors and in front of a live audience moderated by one of the members of Dakshya Books. Here the author will discuss his book in detail published by Dakshya Books and will also speak about the process of writing the same. At the same time, the author will field questions from the audience.

Press will be invited to these events and they too will get a chance to put forth questions to both the author and the moderator.
These events will impart knowledge to the audience as well the readers the whole process involved in writing the said book, the writer’s journey and his vision.
Post the event that will be recorded live on camera, an edited version of the event will be posted on the Dakshya Media Channel.

So far, few authors had the privilege to share the dais with the moderator and in front of a live audience where they got an opportunity to discuss their books and expand its reach.

Dikshya Samman Samaroh-2019

30. 09.2019

Jayadev Bhawan, Bhubaneswar, Odisha


10. 03.2016

Bhubaneswar Book Fair, Exivision ground, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India



Rajdhani Book Fair, Exivision ground, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India



Bhubaneswar Book Fair, Exivision ground, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India

Dakshya Darbar

A unique one of its kind activity currently planned on a massive scale, Dakshya Darbar will feature a huge Darbar in the real world scenario just like a Darbar that used to exist in the olden days, with a King presiding over his ministers and the other visitors to the darbar.

The only difference is, the ministers in the darbar will be writers and cultural artists from various parts of the world who will present their literary work – be it a poem or a short story or snippets of a novel to a live audience where the king (a renowned celebrity) will state his views on it – be it praise or criticism.

There will also be an open discussion on the various literary work presented with suggestions to improve the book in its second editions, etc.
There will also be live dance performances to epic poems presented by the poets in the Darbar that will add glamour to the happenings.

There will be live one act plays or a complete drama performance at the Darbar including have a person who will translate some of the recitals in sign language for those people with hearing disorders and who are present in the audience.

The whole concept around Dakshya Darbar is to take literary and cultural work out of the pages of a book and other boring setup and give it an interesting face through various medium to make it more fascinating and accepted by a wider audience.
Among other interesting points at these Darbars will be art galleries and a book gallery that will feature works of renowned as well as new artists and writers.

Tanuja Queen

Through this event, we will be conducting a massive exercise to select Beauty Queens in three different categories i.e.

  1. 1. Tanuja Navy Queen
  2. 2. Tanuja Odisha Queen
  3. 3. Tanuja Raja Queen.

Starting from all the colleges in the state including state women’s clubs and other organisations, Tanuja Magazine will request each of these institutions to enroll their 10 best girls for the competition.

Out of the 10 girls enrolled from each institution, Tanuja Magazine will further shortlist 1 girl from each institution based on certain criteria, performance, look etc.
Once the shortlisted takes place, all the girls will then compete with each other for the Beauty Queen title in various phases where they will once again be judged on their basis of their presentation, personality, sense of fashion, question-answer session etc. At each stage, we keep eliminating few participants till we have 30 participants in the final round of judgment.

In the final round, these girls will be groomed by selected celebrities in various activities and the judges will then judge them on their basis of their performances.
Finally from the 30 finalists, 3 girls will be selected and awarded the three titles respectively.

This Tanuja Queen Contest will not be limited to just the state of Odisha. It will also move to other states with each of the 3 Beauty Contest Titles revolving around that particular state’s cultural fest and lifestyle.