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We have set up a couple of Dakshya Home – an old aged homes that cater to old aged people above the age of 55. These homes are exclusively targeted for old people whose children or other relatives (specially NRIs) can afford to pay a refundable deposit of Rs.10 lakhs for a period of 3 years at the time of admitting their old relatives in Dakshya Home.

Our sole aim to starting Dakshya Home is not to make money or separate parents from their children or from relatives but to help the family in continuing to keep the family bond intact despite old relatives being put up at Dakshya Home. We regularly strive for the residents to communicate with their loved ones who are outside and likewise help those outside to keep up the communication with their loved ones put up in the home.

We also encourage regularly visits of the relatives to their aged loved ones staying at Dakshya Home so that mere walls of the home doesn’t not create a divide between family members.

And in return for a deposit of Rs.10 lakhs, Dakshya Home will take care of the old people with tender utmost care.

At the end of 3 years, the amount of Rs.10 lakhs can be withdrawn and not before that. However, if the old relatives of the deposit wishes to continue with Dakshya Home for his old relatives, he will have to renew his deposit terms.

For any serious ailments that may arise in the old people admitted at Dakshya Home, the medical cost of the same will have to be borne by their relatives respectively or will be deducted from the deposit amount accordingly.


  • Fully furnished rooms with food and lodging.
  • Periodical medical checkups for the residents.
  • Vehicle parking facility.
  • Round the clock security arrangement.
  • A hospital that provides medical care at minimum cost.
  • A resident nurse who attends to the basic needs of the patients.
  • Ambulance facility around the clock.
  • Regular physical / spiritual exercise for the residents.
  • Entertainment facilities like television, newspapers, etc.
  • Regular recreational activities like outdoor trips.