In Suniti’s words, ‘I have never maintained a proper photo album, so it took a bit of rummaging around to locate some of the candid photographs that are precious to me. The famous author, the late Isaac Singer once wrote about the loss of old letters and photographs which he had compared to the casual destruction of civilization.’ She adds, ‘It makes me anxious just to think what would have happened if I would have lost these precious photographs. Below are some of my fond memories to be cherished for eternity – memories of one of my other passions – traveling, captured in the eyes of a camera for perpetuity.’


In each of Suniti's poetry there is Socialism, Romanticism, Nature, God and Feminism voice. She has written few epics including short and long poems out of which one is the most popular epics "Jettesabu Sakala". In this Suniti has shown 6 different creativity altogether - these are Poetry, Acting, Song, Dance, Painting and Lyrics. Each time through her work Suniti tries to bring something new to showcase.


Over the years, Suniti has been fortunate enough to release books written by her. Be it the first book of poems or a novel or a translation of Gibran’s poems..
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Book Released

We have been fortunate enough to have Dr Suniti Mund’s books released with tons of love from her legions of fans and her cherished readers...
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As a noted author, a poetess and many other roles Dr Suniti Mund dangled with including giving back to society through her endless charity work, she has...
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Till now Dr Suniti Mund has received many awards for her work from many organisations.


Being a celebrity (thanks to her fans), over the years, Dr Suniti Mund has travelled far and wide across the country and had the opportunity to interact ....
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Media stories

As an author, a poetess or a publisher, Dr Suniti Mund has been fortunate enough to be featured in most of the major publications in Odisha...
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Media Coverage

Over the years, a number of print and online publications including television channels have featured one-on-one interviews with the versatile...
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