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In our state most of the people are living in rural areas where our developments, State of art technologies and modern amenities does not reach them. In the result they are living in a dark side of the ultra modern, hi-tech twenty first century and suffering from lack of knowledge, proper education, employability skill, health care and sanitation. They are little bit concerned about Health & Nutrition, Art & Culture, Society, Law & Regulations, Lifestyles, Science & Technologies, Market & industries,etc. If we see the other side, a small portion of our population, who mostly live in urban areas, get all the benefits and opportunities of our developmental schemes provided by Government as well by Public & Private Sectors. Also to some extent the semi-urban population are fortunate enough to avail this. Our Government is incessantly trying its best to bring them to the mainstream, who are lying behind or away from getting the benefits of different development programs and schemes of Government. Our Government has done a great job in the field of Telecommunication. The telecommunication system is reaching every nook and corner of our county. Government owned and private television channels are a part of that system.

In our state it seems that in everyday life, the people, getting maniac of tele-communication and all our people are trying to be a tele-centric persons. Also in our business sector it is becoming digital very fast.

So taking the benefit of this valuable communication system we are a Company engaged in the production of TV serials, which is directly reaching to that people through Television channels and digital media, publishing of books & magazines, organizing theatre shows and also managing events for other programmes. We also promote the Art & Culture of Odisha. Our programmes are meant for all sections of the society.


The main objectives is being developed in order to create awareness among the people specifically who are far away from the information, knowledge about how, who & where their needs & requires will be fulfilled.

Odisha has its own unique features in terms of dialects, culture, ethnic groups, religious groups, castes/sub-castes, natural beauties and resources. This immense diversity has always been seen as our strength rather than our weakness.

Our each project or programme deals with a different aspect within which we always try to delve into the intricacies of the subject on hand, and try to objectively analyze it while contextualizing it within the particulars of our own society. For easy understanding by viewers we are maintaining uniformity in our presentation. We mostly promote and highlight the activities of Government, Nov. Government, Public & Private sector organizations as well as a Persons involved in different professions.


We started our journey in making serials in 2008. Since then we have acquired lots of knowledge in production, peoples’ attitude, viewers demand etc. We have seen ups and downs. These all have helped us to grow up and mature in this field.

Our first Endeavour began in September 2008 with a Tele Serial named "Aama Swasthya". It was of 26 episodes and aired in Doordarshan National Channel.After that the same serial "Aama Swasthya" continued and aired in June 2009 by Doordarshan National Oriya with another 26 episodes. It was widely acclaimed with a lot of viewership. It was a mile stone in our way to go up the stairs.

Our next tele serial was "E2 Rojgar" which started in December 2009 by same Channel and continued for a long time. It was also highly appreciated and house gave us a competitive edge.

The "Aarogya" was telecasted by Doordarshan National Oriya Chanel from 23rd May 2010.

Our next venture was on historical monuments and temples of our state. It was a short of documentary of 30 minutes highlighting the temples’ history, its rituals, its architectural importance as well as its importance in our culture. It went in to the air by the national Hindi Channel "PRAGYAN" from New Delhi with the title "Shrines of India" in August 2008. In this project we covered 7 temples of Temple city Bhubaneswar.

Soon we ventured into a mega serial named "Aama Dunia". We have delineated a few focus areas in this Tele-serial like lifestyle, career, women, industry, cooking, biography, law, society, market, youth, literature, tourism, plant, children, sports, environment, old-age care, districts, agriculture, culture, comedy, magic etc.

"Darpan" from our production house was a valuable tele-serial that brought many eminent personalities of different fields like Literature, Drama, Music, Sprts, Social Service, Teaching, Health, Artisans, Culturas, History, Biospheres, etc. to the audience through television channels.

The next project named "Katha" was purely a socio drama. It was based on the popular stories of different writers of Odisha.

Our new project named "Jilla Parikrama" specifically aims to explore the various aspects of all the districts of Odisha. We are trying to cover Biosphere, History, Cultural activities, Communications, Economy, Health, Education, Governance, Tourism, Personalities etc. of each and every district.

Infrastructure & Manpower

We have our own vibrant infrastructure. We are utilizing these set up as per our valuable clients’ requirement. Dakshya Communication has competent and experienced personnel to carry out the projects in different fields i.e. Direction, Videography, Music, Scripting, Editing, Designing, Makeup etc. They are at par in their respective fields. We as a team are committed for the best.